Do You Stimulate, Motivate and Educate Your Audience

These days, conferences, presentations and seminars are all too familiar in our professional and personal lives.   We attend these events for professional and personal development and expect to gain insight and aHa moments along the way.  However, we quickly lose interest in the material being presented if that speaker can not stimulate, motivate as well as educate us from the start. Just think about it.  Would you prefer “Sally Speaker” with her overhead projector and PowerPoint slides speaking in a …

Empowering Your Goals

Goals are an amazing tool for motivation.  But if you don’t set them up and execute them correctly, they can also be a source of frustration.  Goals can only be EMPOWERING if they are used properly.  So how do you empower your goals into reality so that they are a benefit to you? Goal setting  strategies can be very important, especially if you are looking to create the type of success you desire and deserve in both your personal and …

6 Business Benefits of Teleseminars and Webinars

Have you ever wondered why so many business owners and entrepreneurs moonlight as speakers for teleseminars and webinars? That is because they know that both of these methods can be harnessed to their advantage. If you have never considered using teleseminars and webinars before, here are 6 reasons that just might have you asking yourself why? While these aren’t the only reasons they certainly top the list.

7 Marketing Tools Professional Speakers Need in Their Portfolios

As a professional speaker there are several marketing items you need in your portfolio in order to market yourself effectively. These tools, if properly done, will ensure you obtain more and higher paying speaking engagements. Unfortunately, a surprising number of speakers fail to achieve their desired income because they fail to create a portfolio to properly market their skills and talents. It is time to reach the income you’ve heard and dreamed about by creating a phenomenal portfolio TODAY!