As an author, you are very limited on time and your focus is getting your book completed not the nitty gritty work that is involved in seeing a book to completion. Unfortunately, there are so many moving parts to getting your book written and then published that some may fall through the cracks while others you may not even know about. That is where Ambicionz plays a big role in helping you!

As a certified Professional Virtual Author’s Assistant, I have been trained in the practical skills, knowledge, and resources needed to assist and guide authors in all stages of the publishing journey.

This training included tools, contacts, and resources for all phases of the publishing process.

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Ambicionz offers a variety of services to support our coaching client’s needs.

As a coach, your day is full of helping your own clients reach their life or business goals.  Along with coaching your clients, comes a slew of tasks that need to be handled in order to keep your coaching business operating in a seamless manner. For you to have a thriving coaching practice, it has been our experience that successful coaches spend their time coaching their clients and delegate those small details to a partner who understands the unique needs of their business.

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As a speaker, you are constantly on the go. You are booking engagements, creating presentations and/or traveling to and from events. Some of these things you are doing simultaneously to ensure that you are getting your message out on a regular basis. In addition to all the normal day-to-day activity, you should be creating a second stream of income by offering products for sale in the back of the room as well as on your website. You can’t do all this ALONE and you don’t have to. We take pride in the variety of services we offer to both new and seasoned speakers.

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