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Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter OH MY!  Do you feel this way when it comes to Social Media?  Don’t know where to begin? Are you consistent in your messages and branding? Do you sit back and wonder whether social media is a waste of time or an effective means of marketing?  Do you know what your peers are doing in their social media efforts?  Do you know why you should care?

All these questions MUST be explored when implementing a social media plan into your marketing efforts.  You’ve probably been told over and over again about the importance of adding social media to your marketing plans, but you seldom find information giving you the basic strategies for an easy blueprint to follow.

Join me for a 3-hour course, broken into two 90-minute classes that will help you build and implement the foundation needed for a successful social media strategy.  During our time together we will explore:

    • Determining your target audience and choosing the appropriate and most effective social media platforms to concentrate on.
    • Consistency in your messages and branding.
    • Utilizing hashtags in social media, why they are important, and the power of consistency in using them.
    • Setting up Google alerts and analytics to measure ROI.
    • For those wanting that personal touch, upgrade to VIP and receive a 60-minute one-on-one evaluation of your current social media efforts.


Next Class is 04.12.2023 at 6:00 PM (Central Standard Time)









Two 90-minute classes in a zoom room with your peers.


  • Two 90-minute classes in a zoom room with your peers.
  • PLUS one hour evaluation of your current social media efforts.