Why Publish an eZine?

by | Mar 14, 2015 | Marketing

There are three reasons why you should publish an eZine.

  1. An eZine builds a targeted market audience for your product or service.
  2. An eZine allows you to share resources
  3. An eZine showcases you as an expert.

Before I explain why you should publish an eZine, let me answer the question what is an “eZine?”

Semantically “eZine” is a mash up of the words “electronic” and “magazine.” Today the term is so widely used it is synonymous with newsletter that is delivered electronically.

Now let’s answer the question why should I publish an eZine?

  1. writing-articlesTarget audience – Publishing an eZine allows you to build a target audience. Place an email sign up option on your website. Periodically send out an invitation to sign up for your eZine through your online social networks. By doing this people who are specifically interested in your product or service are giving you permission to send them information.
  2. Resource – Publishing an eZine allows you to be the resource for your target audience. It is an opportunity for you to share reviews of products, recommend products and introduce your readers to useful information they may not have known about.  Your target audience will begin to rely on you.
  3. Expert – By being a resource to your target audience you will be an expert in their eyes. You are demonstrating your knowledge.  They will begin to see you as their “go-to-person” when they need your product or service.

Why should you publish an eZine?  In the marketing industry it is said that consumers will purchase from sources they “know, like and trust.” If someone signs up for your eZine, they like your product or service. When you share resources with your target audience you are letting them get to know you. When your target audience relies on you as an expert, they trust you.”



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