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How it all started

Ambicionz opened its doors in 2004 at first part-time and now as a flourishing business.  The primary vision of Ambicionz is to provide exceptional work to our clients virtually through a collaborative partnership.  I strongly believe that by providing quality customer service along with exceptional work, I am able to help my clients take their businesses to the next level.

After 23 years in Corporate America, the last 4 of which I started and ran my current business, I took the leap and retired in 2008. Throughout my stint in Corporate America, I had the pleasure of being employed in the hospitality, real estate, accounting, and financial industries. I spent 18 years of my corporate career in the financial industry servicing different departments and companies. I consider myself very fortunate to have partnered with CEO’s and top management of fortune 500 companies all of whom allowed me to continue to expand my skills and grow.

My Training

My extensive training includes business coaching, strategic implementation of standard operations and procedures (SOP’s) for entrepreneurs, team management, event coordination, social media strategy implementation and management, author support, data research, marketing, project management, multimedia presentations, and much more. In order to provide my clients with a diverse skill set, below are a few certifications I have completed:

Tennessee Commissioned Notary Public – Mobile and Online (2022), Professional Virtual Speakers Assistant (2012), Social Marketing Specialist (2009), Internet Marketing Specialist (2009), Master Shopping Cart Specialist (2009), Professional Virtual Authors Assistant (2008), Certified Travel Planner (2008), and Certified Real Estate Assistant (2007).

My Partnering Philospophy

My clients choose to take the unique and refreshing approach of getting “the job done” by partnering with me – in turn, I take my commitment to producing results quite seriously.

My relationship with my clients is one of a “partnership” – an extension of their organization, and mine.  A successful relationship is one that is focused and has specific goals in mind.

I truly believe a successful partnership requires a commitment by both parties.  Here are some key attributes I look for in my clients to make sure we are a perfect fit so that together we can take their business to another level.

My Ideal Client
    • Is a professional Author, Coach, Entrepreneur or Speaker;
    • Has a well-established client base and has been in business for at least a year;
    • Is not a micro-manager;
    • Can clearly define his/her goals as well as time and money restraints;
    • Can clearly communicate his/her expectations and requirements;
    • Is not sparing of information that is necessary to complete the project;
    • Is available to answer questions;
    • Knows how to voice worries and criticisms;
    • Gives feedback;
    • and Respects my expertise.

Through a joint commitment, I forge successful partnerships with my clients, and through these partnerships, I am able to enhance my client’s businesses and help them achieve all of their goals.

Certifications and Memberships

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