As a speaker, you are constantly on the go.  You are booking engagements, creating presentations, and/or traveling to and from events.  Some of these things you are doing simultaneously to ensure that you are getting your message out on a regular basis.  In addition to all the normal day-to-day activity, you should be creating a second stream of income by offering products for sale in the back of the room as well as on your website.  You can’t do all this ALONE and you don’t have to.  We take pride in the variety of services we offer to both new and seasoned speakers.

As a certified Professional Speaker’s Assistant, I have been trained in the practical skills, knowledge, and resources needed to assist and guide speakers in all stages of the public speaking industry.

This training included tools, contacts, and resources for all phases of the public speaking journey.

What is a Professional Speaker's Assistant (PSA)?

A Professional Speaker’s Assistant is a trained administrative professional who works to organize and coordinate your speaking business.

Who will benefit from working with a Professional Speaker's Assistant (PSA)?
    • You are new to the speaking industry and you have no clue what you need. Some of these things can include, creating collateral materials, responding to RFP’s, etc.
    • You are a seasoned professional and you need support to run your business.

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the services we offer our clients.

    • Manage Calendar
    • Manage Industry Certifications (CSP/NSA)
    • Set up Administrative Office Procedures
    • Manage Client and Prospect Database
    • Inventory Source Material
    • Get Permissions for Material Not Owned
    • Coordinate the Trademark and IP Protection Process
    • Create Multi-Media Presentations (PowerPoints, Webinars, Streaming Videos)
    • Create Handouts
    • Submit Articles
    • Handle the Marketing and Sales Process
    • Manage Products and Fulfillment
    • Create and Coordinate Product Launches
    • Sell Products at Events
    • Research Target Audience and Competition
    • Create and Maintain Website
    • Generate and Distribute Press Releases
    • Work with Prospects
    • Produce Blogs, Newsletters and Coordinate Social Networks
    • Manage Lead Generation and Outreach
    • Coordinate with Speaker Bureaus
    • Work with Meeting Planners
    • Manage Speaker Contracts
    • Set Up Travel (Airlines, Hotels, and Ground Transportation)
    • Coordinate Physical Logistics
    • Work with Technology
    • Coordinate Videos and Podcasts
    • Create and Coordinate Product Launches
    • Manage Product Inventory, Fulfillment, and Sales