As an author, you are very limited on time and your focus is getting your book completed not the nitty gritty work that is involved in seeing a book to completion.  Unfortunately, there are so many moving parts to getting your book written and then published that some may fall through the cracks while others you may not even know about.  That is where Ambicionz plays a big role in helping you!

As a certified Professional Author’s Assistant, I have been trained in the practical skills, knowledge, and resources needed to assist and guide authors in all stages of the publishing journey.

This training included tools, contacts, and resources for all phases of the publishing process.

What is a Professional Author's Assistant (PAA)?

A Professional Author’s Assistant is a trained administrative professional who works to organize and coordinate the book publishing process.

Who will benefit from working with a Professional Author's Assistant (PAA)?
    • You’re a first-time author who doesn’t know where to begin in the self-publishing process.
    • You’ve been through the self-publishing process before and all you want to do is concentrate on writing your book.

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the services we offer our clients.

    • Organize Source Documents
    • Research Target Market
    • Fact-Checking
    • Get Permissions for Quotes, Interviews, and the Work of Others
    • Coordinate Audience Reviews
    • Research Potential Publishing Platforms
    • Competitive Analysis for Book Proposal
    • Preparation for Submission to Publisher/Publishing Platform
    • Coordinate Marketing Activities
    • Website Development and Maintenance
    • Coordinate Media
    • Virtual Book Tours
    • Live Book Tours
    • Amazon Best Seller Campaigns
    • Coordinate the Self Publishing Process

    • Coordinate Testimonial Requests

    • Create Book Cover

    • Review Printer’s Proof

    • Format Book for Kindle