5 Tips and Strategies for Retaining Customers with Superior Customer Service

Customer Service

As entrepreneurs we struggle daily with providing superior customer service to our clients.  We can’t argue with the fact that we know what we expect and demand when we are on the other side of the equation paying for services.  So why are we not providing exactly what we expect to receive?  As entrepreneurs we must sit back and truly put ourselves in our clients place and provide what we would expect as the paying customer.  Below is  a list of 5 tips you can implement into your business immediately to ensure you are providing that exceptional service.

Refunds.  There are many ways to reduce refunds.  At the top of that list, is to make sure that you’re offering an exceptional product or service and you stand behind those products and services.  We all know life happens and inevitably, you will receive that dreaded refund request.  When you do, PAY ATTENTION and ACT FAST.  The most important thing is to acknowledge the request and get your customer their money back ASAP.  Then, use the feedback you received about why your customer asked for the refund to better your product or business.  If the reason is substantial enough, I would even go as far as to suggest you resend the product back to the customer FREE of charge once you have fixed the issue.  This lets them know you care and you heard them.

Double Check Everything.  Broken links, stale information and so much more can cause customers to reach out to you for help.  When customers have to waste time to get the information they paid for they get frustrated and you can potentially lose them as a customer and/or get hit with that dreaded refund request. To ensure customer satisfaction make sure your products are working perfectly before you release them.

Anticipate Questions and/or Issues.   Have a colleague walk through the shopping process on your website.  Ask them for their feedback on their experience including what they liked and didn’t like.  Use this information to help you anticipate any potential issues or problems.  The easier the process is for your customer the happier they are.  If necessary create a FAQ (frequently asked questions) for potentially confusing matters.

Make Your Customers Feel Special.  There is nothing better than feeling appreciated as a customer.  So, why not make your customers feel appreciated?  Create products specifically for them.  Give them access to new products before they hit the shelves.  Give them exclusive discounts, coupons and offers.  Do what ever you can to endear yourself to your most valuable asset…your CUSTOMER.

Keep in Touch.  I know this sounds simple but you MUST stay in touch with your customers.  It should be common practice in your business to automatically send follow-ups, thank you messages and the occasional offer or up-sell.  Why not take the extra step and send them information, tips and resources?  A good rule of thumb is to stay in touch with your customers minimally once a week.  It doesn’t have to be anything lengthy, it could be an offer, a tip or a useful resource.  By implementing this easy step you stay in your customers good graces and remain in the forefront when they are looking for additional products or services.

That is it…I promise if you can get these strategies implemented in your business you will see it soar to where you want it to be.  There is nothing better than a satisfied customer.  When our customers are satisfied and feel that they got what they paid for they will shout it from roof tops.  Word of mouth advertising costs you nothing and is the most effective advertising you can have!



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