7 Benefits to Using an Online CRM System

Today it takes more than a rolodex to build your customer relationships, you need a good Customer Relationship Management System more commonly known as CRM.  With technology at the core of everything we do, A good CRM system is critical in getting, as well as keeping, customers.  Your potential customer or client’s perception of your services and treatment decide your chances of making or keeping the sale. When choosing a CRM, I recommend you use one that is cloud based …

6 Business Benefits of Teleseminars and Webinars

Have you ever wondered why so many business owners and entrepreneurs moonlight as speakers for teleseminars and webinars? That is because they know that both of these methods can be harnessed to their advantage. If you have never considered using teleseminars and webinars before, here are 6 reasons that just might have you asking yourself why? While these aren’t the only reasons they certainly top the list.

7 Marketing Tools Professional Speakers Need in Their Portfolios

As a professional speaker there are several marketing items you need in your portfolio in order to market yourself effectively. These tools, if properly done, will ensure you obtain more and higher paying speaking engagements. Unfortunately, a surprising number of speakers fail to achieve their desired income because they fail to create a portfolio to properly market their skills and talents. It is time to reach the income you’ve heard and dreamed about by creating a phenomenal portfolio TODAY!

Why Publish an eZine?

Why should you publish an eZine? In the marketing industry it is said that consumers will purchase from sources they “know, like and trust.” If someone signs up for your eZine, they like your product or service. When you share resources with your target audience you are letting them get to know you. When your target audience relies on you as an expert, they trust you.”

Video Marketing Can be Your Company’s Best Friend

Video has begun to change the world in countless different ways, and web video has only made the revolution stronger. Sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Metacafe can transform an individual, or a company, from an unknown entity to the next sensation in the world. The power of viral video is well known, and many marketing professionals are busy trying to help their companies become the next big star. The trouble with most strategies that are being used by most of the marketing professionals is that they are missing the bigger picture. Your videos do not need to become the newest overnight sensation in order to reap the important benefits they provide.

3 Skills Every Entrepreneur Must Have

I was fortunate to attend a great conference for entrepreneurs recently.  One of the many things that had me in awe was the vast range in ages.  It was a day that was packed full of great information for those that were just starting their entrepreneurial journey as well as those that are already down that road but wanted to keep on learning and sharing.   Not just the ages varied, the level of experiences ranged from “thinking about starting a …